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White Void March 11, 2008

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in innovative displays, interactive installations.
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Very interesting website showing art & technology, interactive objects, interfaces, motion pictures and concepts.


BIX March 30, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in interactive installations.
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is a permanent light- and media installation for the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria by realities:united architects from Berlin.

A matrix of 930 fluorescent lamps is integrated into the eastern acrylic glass facade of the biomorphic building structure of the new Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria. Through the possibility to individually adjust the lamps’ brightness at an infinite variability with 20 frames/second images, films and animations can be displayed – the Kunsthaus’ skin is transformed into a giant low resolution computer display.

More information: http://www.bix.at/

Infiniti Interactive Mirrors March 30, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in interactive installations.
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3 parallel 8’ high by 3.5 ’ wide panes of mirrored glass placed side by side, each displaying rear-projected content from a high-lumen projector. Content was designed in 3 dimensions, using scale, motion & depth perspective to make the user feel like she is immersed in & moving through the communication.

A user standing in front of the mirrors has the unusual sensation of seeing their reflection & the projected content simultaneously. Sensors embedded in the structure above each pane register when a user reaches out to a “hot spot,” allowing users to navigate the projected content without ever needing to touch the “screen” or press a “button.”

More information at: http://www.interactivemirror.net/

Touch – an urban interactive installation February 19, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in interactive installations.
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Touch is an urban interactive installation by the Belgian digital design and art lab, LAb[au], Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism. The installation is placed at the base of the 145 meter high Dexia Tower in Brussels, Belgium. The installation allows the 4200 windows of the tower to be individually colour-enlightened by RGB-LED bars, turning the facade into an immense display which can be control by the users at the station for interaction placed at the base of the tower.

This station for interaction contains a multi touch screen which supports both touch and gesture based interaction. The touch screen allows multiple inputs and thus on the one hand allows people to interact with more than one finger, and on the other hand it allows people to interact together, thereby extending individual interaction to a collective experience.

Once a composition is created a snapshot is taken from a distant location, this subsequently can be sent as an electronic postcard. The picture is also uploaded on the project website where people can retrieve their postcard in an electronic and printable format.

Check out the live stream video of Touch until 15 January 2007.