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The Unseen Video, a weather controlled, dynamic music video March 30, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in ambient displays, music, visualization.

The Unseen Video is much more than a normal, static music video. It is a video that is affected by the weather and local time from the position of the viewer.

It creates new synergies between the music, the video and the surroundings of the viewer. Every little change in your environment ensures that you will never see the same video twice. The look of the video might slightly change within an hour, but will have a whole new character in a few months.

More information: http://theunseenvideo.com/


1. noiseleben - June 12, 2008

hi ,
really nice work. . .
do you like to change white me . . .
i am a electronic musik producer and performer…
can make for you exclusive soundtracks and i get
from you pictures and flash animation for my website….
what do you think . . .
mario lasal

2. 百家乐 - December 29, 2008

It’s really nice work. . .

3. josh - June 16, 2010

I do not understand!

纪赞辉 - August 1, 2010

Hello! I’m from China’s gansu province.
I make a friend with you

4. goodmorning. - May 7, 2011

I will research study it,

i am interesting in it.

5. yanyan - August 12, 2011

it is my first time to click tihs web,maybe more fun next time

6. saber - October 1, 2011

it is so amusing!i feel it like some clothes which can adjest to make people feel comfortable by themselves.

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