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Amebeats February 9, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in innovative interfaces, music, physical interaction design.


The Amebeats Project (developed by Ohio State student Melissa Quintanilha) proposes a new approach to human-computer interaction by allowing people to mix sounds by manipulating physical objects instead of twisting knobs or clicking on a music production software. The amoeba shaped board has little boxes in its center that when moved to the arms, activate different sounds.


My interest in music and design merged to create a haptic interface (based on touch) that allows people to use gesture to mix sounds with their hands. My inspiration for this robotic installation came from going to parties and seeing DJs create the music on their tables, but no one knowing what they do to make the sounds. Generating music using gesture allows for a much more expressive way of creation.

This project was created in the fall/2006 and exhibited at The Ohio State University on December/2006.





1. Mohan - February 10, 2007

hey, great thought n work… def. a better to mix music

2. Chico - May 17, 2007


chama na rebolera musical Melolitz!!

Literalmente expressando os sentimentos na musica!!!

A senhorita não esta meesmo a passeio ae!!

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[…] Ohio State University 的學生 Melissa Quintanilha 製作了這一款名為 Amebeats 的互動音樂設施。因為已經看過太多互動音樂桌面了,所以,看到這個也沒什麼特別的感覺了…就好像吃太撐的感覺… […]

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