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Marble Answering Machine February 1, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in innovative interfaces, physical interaction design.


The Marble Answering Machine (by Durell Bishop, student at the Royal College of Art) is a prototype telephone answering machine. Incoming voice messages are represented by marbles, the user can grasp and then drop to play the message or dial the caller automatically. It shows that computing doesn’t have to take place at a desk, but it can be integrated into everyday objects. The Marble Answering Machine demonstrates the great potential of making digital information graspable.



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3. John Lebrown - March 9, 2011

Very well-thought. If only more everyday applications could be like this one. They would become a lot cheaper to buy as well as easy to use for everyone.

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[…] El contestador automàtic de bales: Creat per Durell Bishop el 1992 és un dels prototips precursors del que després s’anomenaria TI. Els missatges de veu són representats amb bales que l’usuari ha d’agafar i introduir en una ranura per a així poder escoltar-los. Amb només veure el repositori, la persona pot saber-sense haver de pensar-si té missatges o no, si són molts o pocs. […]

5. mermer - April 1, 2019

has been an informative post and design is great thank you!

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