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Usability Guidelines January 29, 2007

Posted by Melissa Quintanilha in text.

From the book “Interactivity by design – Creating & Communicating with New Media”, Ray Kristof & Amy Satran

1. Remove obstacles

– Let people interact with the content as directly as possible
– Give them simple routes to the information they are looking for

2. Minimize effort

– Keep related controls close together
– Put frequently used buttons in places that are easy to reach in relation to other items on the screen

3. Give feedback

– Feedback should be both appropriate and immediate (for example, responding to mouse clicks with a sound and highlighting items that have been selected)

4. Be explicit

– Make it obvious what is clickable on the screen and what is not. Objects that look like buttons should act like buttons. If images have hot areas, make sure they are distinct from the rest of the image

5. Be flexible

– Make all media (sounds, movie , animation) interruptible
– Make it easy to quit at any time, from anywhere, by using the computer’s standard keyboard shortcuts for quitting

6. Be forgiving

– Don’t create conditions where users have to “do the right thing” before they can move on



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